Sidewalk Sunday School Christmas Bags


The Sidewalk Sunday School Ministry focuses on teaching unchurched children the basic fundamentals of Christianity, to help turn their hearts, minds and actions toward a lifestyle that contains promise and hope for the future.

The Sidewalk Ministry in its ideal model uses a box truck converted to be a portable platform church. The truck contains its own sound system, and everything needed to hold a resounding worship service on the streets. Volunteers travel to the same site(s) each week, spreading the Good News of the Risen Lord. Their mission is to help the unchurched children and anyone else, who have yet to hear, who have already heard, or who need to hear again, the Name and Love of Jesus Christ.

During the holidays, Spirit of Joy UMC participates in Sidewalk Sunday School’s Christmas Bag Program. The church agrees to fill specifically designated Christmas gift bags according to suggestions provided by the Sidewalk Sunday School Coordinator.

Once these bags are filled, they are delivered to the United Methodist Conference Center in Phoenix, where they are distributed to various Sidewalk Sunday School sites around the state. For many of the children participating in Sidewalk Sunday School, these bags are the only Christmas gifts they will receive.