SOJ with Dove Signage 2In 1932, a frame church building was erected on the lot in west Coolidge. In September 1935, the church basement was excavated as a result of a grant from the General Board of Church Extension. An unused church building in Clifton was obtained and moved to Coolidge and placed over the basement excavation. The church building was officially dedicated on May 3, 1936.

The church has expanded over the years. In 1946, the sanctuary was remodeled.  Also, a barracks building used at the World War II base camp in Florence was purchased, moved to the church site and became the Office/Sunday School wing.

The church currently owns property at the intersection of Attaway Road and R287, halfway between Coolidge and Florence. It is the hope and dream of the congregation to eventually build a retreat center along with new worship facilities on that property to proclaim the healing Gospel of Jesus Christ and better serve the surrounding communities.